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Jennifer Henry


Jennifer Henry spent her childhood in Fort Collins, Colorado. After attending Macalester College, she began her career at the Sonoma County Economic Development Board in Santa Rosa, California, and continued at the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce in Saint Paul, Minnesota before returning to California for law school at UCI. She is in her third and final year of law school and has spent her summers interning in Washington, D.C. at the Federal Communications Commission and Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law with its Community Development Project. She is fascinated by master-planned communities like Irvine and hopes to become a professor someday.

This project will analyze the history and development of Irvine, a master-planned community in California. Irvine’s uniform character owes much to the Irvine Company, a private real estate developer with massive land holdings and a commitment to community design. Because the Irvine Company owns so much land, and tends to lease land to businesses and residents of Irvine rather than selling, the company retains a great deal of control over what activity takes place on the land. This project will focus on the ways in which the Irvine Company contributes to the organization of space in and around the city, much like a local government. The project’s analysis will contribute to a larger discussion surrounding the distinction between public and private, which some scholars assert is meaningless while others insist it has essential meaning that differentiates between public and private space, public and private bodies of law, and public and private entities.