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LSC Emphasis Fall 2015/Spring 2016

The LSC Emphasis is designed to instill an intellectual ethic of inter-disciplinarity among participating students early in their training and to create trans-disciplinary communities of emerging socio-legal scholars whose intellectual development is enhanced by formal and informal exchange across diverse fields. The Emphasis was approved by Graduate Council in February of 2015.

In the 2015-16 year, the following courses will make up the emphasis:

  1. Fall - Sora Han (CLS, Gender Studies): Law & Violence
  2. Winter - Shauhin Talesh (Law): Multi and Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Law
  3. Spring - Kamal Sadiq (Political Science): Comparative State Formation

Please contact Professor Keramet Reiter for program queries.

The first cohort of students will include 8 students, representing schools from across campus:
1. Dallas Augustine (CLS) - CLSC Adviser: Song Richardson
Dallas' research interests revolve primarily around the disjunctures between carceral policy and the lived prison experience.  In particular, she is interested in the jurisprudence and within-prison policies regarding extreme punishment and prisoner mental health, as well as barriers to reentry for those exiting prison and seeking employment, housing, and treatment post-release.
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2. Amy Magnus (CLS) - CLSC Adviser: Emily Thuma
Amy Magnus is a second-year Ph.D. student in the Department of Criminology, Law and Society. Amy's primary interests encompass race and gender in American society, juvenile justice, access to justice, and the multiple facets of inequality in the American criminal justice system.
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3. Kristin Maziarka (CLS) - CLSC Adviser: Valerie Olson
Kristen's current research interest is in prison environments.  Specifically, she is interested in built prison environments, deprivation, and mass incarceration.  She hopes to further her research by examining built environment as micro-aggression in prison, and also comparatively study prisons and impoverished neighborhoods.
4. Linette Park (Culture & Theory) - CLSC Adviser: Keramet Reiter
Linette Park is a PhD Student in the Culture and Theory Program. Her research explores the Los Angeles Uprisings of 1992, the prison industrial complex, and the underground artistic and political practices in South Los Angeles during this time period. Her current work focuses on the Pelican Bay Hunger Strikes and examines modalities of political subjectivity and violence. Her research draws from critical theory, political thought, phenomenology and poetics, aesthetic theory, Black feminist theory, and Afro-pessimism.
5. James Pratt (CLS) - CLSC Adviser: Andrew Highsmith
James Pratt Jr.'s research focuses on the relationship between culture, violence, and the law. He is specifically interested in understanding dispute resolution and regional, historical, and cultural influences.
6. Kasey Ragan (CLS) - CLSC Adviser: Chris Whytock
My research interests are: privatization, border militarization and commodification of bodies, immigrant detention centers, and state sanctioned/structural violence against women.
7. Ariela Rutkin-Becker (Law) - CLSC Adviser: Geoff Ward
Ariela is interested in racial and economic rights, and the potential of our criminal and civil justice systems to both further and impede the fulfillment of those rights. Ariela plans to research cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural conceptualizations of radical welfare reform, and the role of young lawyers in bringing about large-scale social and political change.