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LSC Emphasis

We're very pleased to announce that the Emphasis on Law, Society and Culture (LSC) is accepting applications for its third cohort of graduate students! 
(Click HERE to read about the 2015/16 First Cohort of LSC Emphasis, Click HERE for the 2016/17 Cohort)

Any interested graduate student, who has completed at least one year of the graduate program in which s/he is currently enrolled, is eligible to apply.

The LSC Emphasis is designed to encourage students to explore and develop theoretical and empirical models to analyze and critique law and the role of law in legal, social, economic, political, and cultural contexts.
The proposed program will include four inter-connected components:

  • (1) a year-long theory and research seminar, with each quarter taught by one faculty member from a different school at UCI;
  • (2) cross-disciplinary mentorship and advising;
  • (3) ongoing professionalization opportunities and responsibilities; and
  • (4) a project that will feasibly result in a publishable manuscript, or other product that can be widely disseminated, by the end of the academic year. In addition, each student will be assigned a faculty mentor outside of his or her home department and will meet with that mentor on a monthly basis to discuss the student's ongoing research.

In the 2017-18 year, the following courses will make up the emphasis:

  1. Fall 2017: Political Anthropology (Victoria Bernal)
  2. Winter 2018: Multi- and Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Law (Shauhin Talesh)
  3. Spring 2018: Freedom, Slavery, and the Law in World History (Rachel O'Toole)