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Interdisciplinarity and Collaboration

CLSC is deeply committed to encouraging graduate students at UCI to engage in interdisciplinary dialogues on a wide range of law-related topics.  In previous years, CLSC has offered fellowships for individuals and groups of faculty and students to either supplement their research incomes or fund campus-wide programming. 

Please see the Current Calendar for a list of upcoming events and meetings put on by CLSC's Graduate Student Initiatives.  For more information on past reading groups, please contact the organizers listed below.

2011-2012 Collaborative Activities

Immigrant Research-Advocacy Exchange

This project is organized by Prof. Sameer Ashar (Law) and Prof. Susan Coutin (CLS) and will establish an Immigrant Rights Clinic to broaden the exchange through meetings faculty and graduate students within the law school and across UCI departments focused on migration studies and immigration law and policy.

Interdisciplinary Encounters in Religion, Law, and Ethics

This project is organized by Prof. Cecelia Lynch (Pol. Sci.), Prof. Jane O. Newman (Comp. Lit.), Prof. Ann Southworth (Law), Garrison Doreck (Anthropology), Joseph Dowd (Philosophy), Padma Govindan (Anthropology), and Tanya B. Schwarz (Pol. Sci) and will entail a reading group, workshop, and bibliography to promote dialogue on the role of religious and secular ethics as underpinning critical social, cultural, and legal discourses and norms.

The Political Question Doctrine in Action: Court Access, Foreign Relations, and the Role of the Judiciary in Constitutional Democracy

This project is organized by Prof. Wayne Sandholtz (Pol. Sci.), Prof. Chistopher Whytock (Law), Mark Berlin (Pol. Sci), and Christina Chen (Law) and will entail a reading group and publicly accessible scholarly publications.

Jurisdiction, Power, and the Frontiers of Empty Space This project is organized by Josh Clark (Anthropology), Ben Cox (Anthropology), Sean Mallin (Anthropology), and Jenn Henry (Law) and will entail a reading group and several colloquia.

2010-2011 Reading Groups and Activities

The Transnational Family Reading Group

Reading group organized by Samuel Lam, Joni Carrasco, Katie Dingeman, and Caitlin Fouratt.

Please contact the organizers for more information.  A website for the group can be found here

Climate Change Tort Litigation: A Practical Remedy for Victims of Climate Change?

Symposium and Collaborative Article-Writing Project organized by Theresa Bichsel, Jean Su, and Josh Gellers.

The Growth of the Exception and the Death of Democracy: Human Rights in 21st Century America

Mini-conference organized by Tracy Steele and Adam Shniderman.

Web Design: The New Platform for Academic Presentation and Discussion

Reading Group and website organized by Luke Boughen, Theresa Bichsel, Jean Su, and Josh Gellers.

Jurisdiction, Power, and the Frontiers of Empty Space

Reading Group organized by Jenn Henry, Ben Cox, Sean Mallin, and Josh Clark.

The Rights/Rites of Blood: A Critical Theory of Blood Reading group and workshop series hosted by Edgar Aguilasocho, Joni Carrasco, Andrea Smith, Irina Trasovan, Kathryn Henne, Jacob Kang-Brown, Diren Valayden, and Megan McCabe.

2009-2010 Reading Groups

Anarchism and Popular Concepts of Justice: Judicial Review, Popular Constitutionalism, and the Limits of Popular Sovereignty

Organized by Bron Tamulis (  & Diren Valayden (  More information and schedule tba.

Gender and Power in Law and Society

Organized by Akhila Ananth ( & Kate Henne.  A Wiki for the reading group can be found here.

How New Technologies Shape and Affect our Understanding of Culture and Spawn New and Emergent Understandings of Law and Legal Institutions

Organized by Remy Cross (, Alice Motes ( & Beth Gardner (  More information and schedule tba.

Sociology of the Legal Profession

Organized by Steven Boutcher ( & Yung-Yi Diana Pan (  Sociology of the Legal Profession is a reading group that explores the field of law by examining classical and contemporary theories and research.

Graduate Student Fellows Megan Bodane (Political Science)
Katie Dingeman (Sociology)
Christina Ree (Studio Art)
Danielle Vigneaux (History)
Erica Vogel (Anthropology)

2008-2009 Reading Groups

Software and Society Reading Group

Organized by Marisa Cohn (, Lilly Irani, Josef Nguyen, and Six Silberman.  This reading group will bring together faculty and students from the arts, humanities, social sciences, and computer sciences to discuss software.  It will consider what it means to study software both empirically and analytically.  There is a nascent field of Software Studies developing within the UC system, and the group will consider what students and faculty at UCI might make of such a field -- how they can contribute to shaping it.  For more information please visit the blog at:

Political Theology Reading Group

Organized by Jeffrey Wilson (, Robin Stewart ( and C.J. Gordon.  Political theology is broadly defined as the historical relationship between worldly action in power and speculative thought of the beyond.  The group is designed not only to study the intellectual history of chosen texts, but also to ask how each group member can mobilize these texts as conceptual aids for his or her own unique interests and arguments.  The group encourages participation from those in political science, history, sociology, and other disciplines. 

Graduate Student Fellows Ernesto Bassi (History)
Andrea Ballestero (Anthropology)
Elizabeth Chiarello (Sociology)
Tim Goddard (Criminology, Law & Society)
Jeff Katcherian (Anthropology)
Morgan Kronberger (Political Science)