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Gender, Sexuality and the Political


Tom Boellstorff (Anthropology)
Sharon Block (History)
Kitty Calavita (Criminology, Law and Society)
David Frank (Sociology)
Inderpal Grewal (Women's Studies)
Lucas Hilderbrand (Film and Media Studies)
Val Jenness (Criminology, Law and Society)
Simon Leung (Studio Art)
David Meyer (Sociology)
Kavita Sara Philip (Women's Studies)
Ann Van Sant (English and Comparative Literature)

Center Events

Spring 2007

Winter 2006

  • Critical Legalities Symposium: Legal Geographies, January 19 - 20, 2006.
    Kamal Sadiq (UC Irvine), Moderator
    Rob Walker (University of Victoria), "Boundaries, Limits, Exceptions, Doubles"
    Steve Herbert (University of Washington), "Who Needs Probable Cause? The Regulation of Urban Space and the Incredible Shrinking 4th Amendment"
    Alison Mountz (Syracuse University), "Body, Border, Tunnel, Detention Center: A Geography of the Spaces Between States"
    Susan Coutin (UC Irvine), Discussant

Spring 2005

  • Critical Legalities Symposium: Bodies of Law, May 3, 2005.
    Nayan Shah (UC San Diego), "Nomadic Subjects, Illegitimate Intimacies and American Law"
    Ariela Gross (University of Southern California)
    Sharon Block (UC Irvine), Discussant
  • Workshop: Nayan Shah (UC San Diego), "Nomadic Subjects, Illegitimate Intimacies and American Law," May 4, 2005.

Presentations of Faculty Work

Fall 2007

  • Quarter Meeting: Discussion of “The Global Dimensions of Rape-Law Reform: A Cross-National Study of Policy” by David Frank (Sociology, UC Irvine), November 13, 2007.

Winter 2006

  • Quarter Meeting: Discussion of "Racial Profiling and the Societies of Control" by Jared Sexton (African American Studies and Film and Media Studies, UC Irvine), February 22, 2006.

Spring 2004

  • Quarter Meeting: Discussion of "The Process of Sexual Coercion: Identity, Power and Social Consent in Early America" by Sharon Block (History, UC Irvine), April 22, 2004.

Co-Sponsored Events

Spring 2007

  • Co-Sponsored Event: Ethnography Workshop with Sally Engle Merry (New York University), May 3, 2007.

Winter 2006

  • Speaker Nivedita Menon (University of Delhi) on "Law, Sexuality and Feminism in India," March 8, 2006.

Fall 2005