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Critical Legalities Symposia & Colloquia

2009-2010 Critical Legalities Symposia

The Center in Law, Society and Culture regularly holds Critical Legalities symposia and colloquia. By "critical legalities," we refer to (1) ways that law is critical to cutting edge theory, (2) new forms of analysis, and (3) examinations of forms of law that undergird established institutions, structures, and cultural phenomena. Symposia focus on a particular theme, feature presentations by UCI faculty and outside speakers, and include a workshop structured around central issues. Our symposia aim to bring together people from different disciplines and experiences to engage in conversation about selected issues.

Past events include,  "Covering the Law: Documenting Justice in Picture, Performance and Press,"  "Youth and Digital Culture," "Law as History: Theory and Method in Legal History," and "Visualizing 'Governing Through Crime' in California,"  “On Becoming Human,” and "The Future of the Death Penalty in California and Beyond." 

Center colloquium events also aim to examine socio-legal issues from a wide variety of disciplinary and experiential points of view. In addition to more traditional academic speakers, we have hosted poets, literary journalists, artists, legal practitioners, and filmmakers and film screenings.