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Affiliated Faculty

CLSC Faculty affiliates are University of California, Irvine faculty members interested in promoting and engaging in conversations about law, society, and culture, broadly defined.  Together with graduate student affiliates, the faculty affiliates represent the core of the Center's intellectual community and play a significant role in influence the Center's activities and agenda. The Center provides faculty affiliates with funding and support to develop opportunities for intellectual and social engagement on a variety of issues, and to disseminate research findings to public and academic audiences.  

To request affiliation, please send an email to Keramet Reiter, stating your name and department, and providing a link to your faculty website.

Advisory Board


Affiliated Faculty

Funmi Arewa (Law & Anthropology)
Sameer Ashar (Law)
Mario Barnes (Law & Criminology, Law and Society)
Victoria Bernal (Anthropology)
Tom Boellstorff (Anthropology)
Sharon Block (History)
Anne Bloom (Law)
Anita Casavantes Bradford (Chicano/Latino Studies)
Dan Burk (Law)
Leo Chavez (Anthropology)
Jerome Christensen (English)
Jennifer Chacon (Law)
Susan Coutin (Criminology, Law and Society & Anthropology)
Eve Darian-Smith (Social Sciences)
Seth Davis (Law)
Joe DiMento (Planning, Policy and Design & Law)
Martha Feldman (Planning, Policy and Design)
David John Frank (Sociology)
Bryant Garth (Law)
Howard Gillman (Chancellor)
Johnathan Glater (Law)                                                                                                                                                       
Aglaya Glebova (Art History, Film & Media Studies)
Michelle Bratcher Goodwin (Law)
Kaaryn Gustafson (Law)
Sora Han (Criminology, Law and Society)
Jeffrey Helmreich (Philosophy & Law)
Andrew Highsmith (History)
Lucas Hilderbrand (Film and Media Studies)
Adria L. Imada (History)
Helen Ingram (Planning, Policy and Design)
Joseph Jenkins (Education and English)
Val Jenness (Criminology, Law and Society)
Antoinette LaFarge (Studio Art)
Stephen Lee (Law)
Cecelia Lynch (Political Science and CGPACS)
Cheryl Maxson (Criminology, Law and Society)
George Marcus (Anthropology)
David Meyer (Sociology)
Eve Morisi (ELS, French and Francophone Literature)
Alexandra Natapoff (Law)
Valerie Olson (Anthropology)
Kavita Sara Philip (Women's Studies)
Francesca Polletta (Sociology)
L. Song Richardson (Law)
Ana Elizabeth Rosas (Chicano/Latino Studies)
Shawn Rosenberg (Political Science)
Kamal Sadiq (Political Science)
Carroll Seron (Criminology, Law & Society)
Jared Sexton (African American Studies/Film Media Studies)
Yang Su (Sociology)
Michael Szalay (English)
Brook Thomas (English)
Emily Thuma (Humanities)
Benjamin Van Rooij (Law) 
Ann Van Sant (English and Comparative Literature) 
Geoff Ward (Criminology, Law and Society)
Jeffrey Wasserstrom (History)