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Activism and Social Movements


Susan Coutin (Criminology, Law and Society)
Joe DiMento (Planning, Policy and Design, Criminology, Law and Society, Newkirk Center)
David Frank (Sociology)
Helen Ingram (Planning, Policy and Design)
Val Jenness (Criminology, Law and Society)
Simon Leung (Studio Art)
Cecelia Lynch (Political Science and CGPACS)
David Meyer (Sociology)
Calvin Morrill (Sociology)
Kevin Olson (Political Science)
Francesca Polletta (Sociology)

Center Events

Spring 2007

  • Colloquium: Frank Affilito, "DemocracyBuilding, The Rule of Law and Guatemala's Families of the Disappeared," October 18, 2007.
  • Public Lecture: Susan F. Hirsch (GeorgeMasonUniversity), "The Quest for Justice after Terror: Perspectives from an Anthropologist/Victim", October 16, 2007.

Spring 2007

Winter 2007

Fall 2006

Fall 2005

  • Critical Legalities Symposium: International Tribunals, October 11 - 12, 2005.
    Cecelia Lynch (UC Irvine), Moderator
    Richard Falk (Princeton University and UC Santa Barbara), "World Tribunal on Iraq: An Initiative of Global Civil Society"
    John Hagan (Northwestern University), "The Flip-Flop Science of U.S. Diplomacy in Darfur: The Very Political Science of an International Court Referral"
    Wayne Sandholtz (UC Irvine), "The International Criminal Tribunals: Creating Authority"
    Richard Wilson (University of Connecticut), "Defining Genocide: Race and Ethnicity at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda"

Presentations of Faculty Work

Winter 2007

  • Quarter Meeting: Discussion of "Big Books and Social Movements" by David S. Meyer (Sociology, UC Irvine), February 26, 2007.

Co-Sponsored Events

Spring 2007

  • Co-Sponsored Event: Ethnography Workshop with Sally Engle Merry (New York University), May 3, 2007.

Winter 2006

  • Speaker Nivedita Menon (University of Delhi) on "Law, Sexuality and Feminism in India", March 8, 2006.