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Socio-Legal Studies Workshop

The Socio-Legal Studies Workshop is an interdisciplinary seminar that meets selected Fridays over lunch (12-1.15pm) in the Law School (Room 3500H). We are pleased to announce a series of Book Talks to be featured within the SLS Workshop Schedule below. Lunch will be provided. All interested Law faculty members, faculty members from outside of the Law School, law students and graduate students are welcome and encouraged to attend. 

October 2017

6      Hillary Berk [Criminology Law and Society (CLS)] The Value of Gestational Labor in Contracts for Surrogate Motherhood

         20     Brook Thomas [English] Book Talk: The Literature of Reconstruction: Not in Plain Black and White (Johns Hopkins UP, 2017)

         27    Janine Ubink [Law] The Façade of Participation—Corporate Social Responsibility and Community Relations in South Africa’s Mining Industry

November 2017

         No Workshops this month.

December 2017

1       Canceled

 January 2018

12     Sora Han [CLS] Whither the “Badges and Incidents of Slavery”: Reading the 13th Amendment Against its Critics.

19      Gabriela Gonzalez [CLS] Working Title: Educational consequences of parental immigrant detention (Co-Authored paper)

26     Bryan Sykes [CLS] Beyond the Penal Code: The Sprawling Presence of Monetary Sanctions in California Law (Paper co-authored with Anjuli Verma UC Berkeley)

February 2018

2        Laura E. Enriquez and Daniel Millán [Sociology/Chicana/o Latina/o] Conceptualizing Deportability in the Lives of Undocumented Young Adults\

9         Christine Scott-Hayward [CSU-Long Beach] Legal Elites? A social network analysis of Supreme Court advocates (Paper co-authored with Aili Malm)

16       Vanessa Delgado [Sociology] Legal Brokers: Navigating Illegality through Social Capital

23      Emily Taylor Poppe [Law] The Law School Pipeline

March 2018

2         Alexandra Sasha Natapoff [Law] Misdemeanor Justice: An interdisciplinary approach

16       Damien Sjoyner [Anthropology] Book Talk: First Strike: Educational Enclosures in Black Los Angeles (2016, University of Minnesota Press)

April 2018

           6        Tania DoCarmo [Sociology] Working Title: Punishment or Protection? Carceral Creep and Protecting Child Survivors of Sex Trafficking in Cambodia
& Emma Gunderson [Law] Handcuffing Victims and Blindfolding Justice: Normative Practices Around Criminalizing Low-Income Women of Color,
                   Trafficking Intervention Courts, & Critical Race Theory as a Model for Attorney Competency & Narrative Resistance at the Post-Conviction Stage

13       Sameer Ashar [Law] and Catherine Fisk [UC Berkeley Law] Governance and Voice in Workers Centers

20        Dalié Jiménez​ [Law] Working Title: Debt and Justice

May 2018

4         Open - TBA