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Creative Properties Conferences - 2/20

Event Date: 
Friday, February 20, 2015

UC Irvine Creative Economies Center, Center in Law Society and Culture, Humanities Gateway, and The School of Law are pleased to invite you to an all-day conference (9am-4:30 pm; Law 3500.) This conference will explore uses of intellectual property law to assert claims of creation and control over cultural industry products and the people involved in their creation and dissemination. Space is limited - please RSVP by 2/17 to Nix McCoy (

We are particularly interested in technologically intensive cultural forms in the process of rapid change, and our purview might encompass past efforts to codify when wordless silent films infringed upon imageless novels or short stories or more recent efforts to negotiate the contested intersection of algorithms and trade secrets in the software industry and the status of “style” in the generation of a graphical user interface. Throughout, we will explore the contested terrain of intellectual property and its intersections with diverse forms of cultural production, including film and television, software, and computer gaming, and the role of law in structuring the industrial production of entertainment.