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Inspiring critical inquiry into law, justice, and the legal process


The Center in Law, Society and Culture (CLSC) brings together UC Irvine faculty and graduate students who share interests in law, society, and culture, broadly defined. 

Through workshops, colloquia, and support for interdisciplinary projects and activities, the Center works to generate new scholarship and disseminate knowledge to diverse audiences about issues related to: race, law and justice; law and literature; critical legal theory; law and space; legal philosophy and culture; globalization and migration; knowledge production; legal consciousness; law, science, and society; and law and history.

The Center encourages substantive intellectual exchanges among and between scholars and community members, facilitates both informal and formal educational opportunities, and supports faculty and graduate students in developing interdisciplinary scholarship.

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We're very pleased to announce that the Emphasis on Law, Society and Culture (LSC) has chosen it's second cohort of graduate students!

In the 2016-17 year, the following courses will make up the emphasis:

  1. Fall - Brook Thomas (English): US Law and Literature in the 1880s
  2. Winter - Jonathan Glater (Law) & Keramet Reiter (Criminology, Law & Society): Law & Science of Sentencing & Punishment
  3. Spring - Jeff Helmreich (Philosophy): Rights & Remedies in Law

Please contact Professor Keramet Reiter for program queries.